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I’m so unpopular I bet people won’t even pretend they liked me after I’m dead.

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I always said I would some day start a blog and write all my thoughts out: all my thoughts, dreams, hopes, ideas, inkling, problems, everything just to get it out of me. I said I’d do it because it would help, because it’d be therapeutic. The problem is that nobody would care. Nobody cares about what I’m thinking. Nobody cares about what I’m going through. Even if somebody did, it wouldn’t matter because above all, I don’t care. With that, nothing matters.

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Passion. (2012)

Passion. (2012)

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Need some last-minute Halloween costume inspiration? Here you go. 

cosplay at its funniest

It’s funny to dress up as Muslim women and disparage another’s culture? How very classically white.

They’re…… they’re ghosts….

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was this even a real movie

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R: Ugh Tess doesn’t like Daria I don’t think I can marry her :/
R: She says there’s “too much apathy” as if that’s a thing
TL: That’s fine, there are other fish in the English channel


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The XX

Text 28 May

TL: If I wore a bra it’d be fine but my nipples are poking out and shit. Would wearing a bra destroy the purpose of this shirt? I don’t know how Kate feels about bras.
TL: Fuck it I don’t give a shit this shirt is awesome

Text 28 May

M: I need you to ship this to “Mr T’s Hardware”
R: Is he really so poor that he opened a hardware store?
M: I pity that fool…

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